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The United States' Most Complete States

The poorest states of the country are mostly located in a single geographic region: the South. Eight of the worst ten poorest states are all situated in the South and only 12 of the top 15. These are mostly located on the eastern coast of states like Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina. Only 12 of the 15 states in the bottom 15 are located in the South. A little over one-third of states in this group fall in the category of the most harmed: the list includes such horribly awful states such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. Surprisingly, only a small portion of the 50 states that are considered to be the worst reside in the West (including Pennsylvania or New Hampshire) which is surprising considering that we typically think of the South with poverty and corruption. Surprisingly, the eight worst states in this group are the most populous: Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, New Jersey. Illinois, Wisconsin, California, and New Jersey.

The richest and most prosperous states of the country tend to be located in the middle of the country with some flexibility to either side. In reality, only five of the 50 states fall within this category. Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Maine. These states, which includes Alaska are not considered "red states" in terms of wealth. This is because the people who live there tend to be middle-of-the-road, blue states. Three of these states are in the upper halfof the list, Connecticut, Vermont, Hawaii. Interestingly enough, none of these, including Massachusetts is included in the poorest states category however they are close to it.

What are the most desirable states? And the richest? It is surprising that there is no definitive trend as to which states are the "richest" or" poorest" states are. This could be due to the large income disparity between states. For example Wyoming's gap in income between the poorest 10th percentile earners and the highest fifth percentile earners is five-folds the gap in Wyoming's. Incredibly, this gap in income is the least in Nevada between the highest fifth percentile earners and the lowest fifth percentile.

Another way to look at the issue is to calculate the differences in the average income of each state. A correlation between the poverty rate and the Arkansas poverty rate can also be calculated. This is our first ranking of America. The best place to be is in California, followed by Texas and New York. Interestingly enough, despite being among the states with the lowest levels of income in this list, Arkansas actually ranks slightly higher than California at the opposite end of the income scale.

Massachusetts is the state with the highest median household income. It is also among the most prosperous state in the country. Minnesota is at the bottom of this list. In spite of the fact that Minnesota has a fairly high level of poverty, it does not possess one of the highest poverty lines in this study. giá đèn năng lượng mặt trời 300w places at the middle of the pack.

This study does not teach us to be grateful for the federal government's existence. Instead, it is crucial to acknowledge that regional governments should work more closely with their citizens to reduce income inequality. By creating regional pools of funds that they can provide quality services to those communities within their boundaries, without reducing the services that residents get from the rest of the state. We can see the current data to see the exact lines that separate the state with the highest income and the one with the lowest. This information should be useful to future leaders in establishing local economic development partnerships and pursuing the goal of eliminating poverty in the region by better education, job creation and tax incentives.
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